IFTM Top Resa is committed to Sustainable Tourism

The year 2017 was proclaimed by the United Nations as the International Year for Sustainable Tourism for Development.

IFTM Top Resa, a showcase for the whole tourism sector and aware of the challenges that the development and the potential represented by our industry for many countries, may have naturally associated with this operation by creating a zone entirely devoted to the actors sustainable tourism in collaboration with ATD. (Association Actors of Sustainable Tourism)

The stand designed by the designer, visual artist and designer Erick Derac is centered on the values ​​of “slow design” with the use of ecological materials. The project consists of 8 wooden desks that can be recycled around a central island, which is equipped with freight pallets. The lighting will be done exclusively by the use of LED lamps.

The set will be recycled after the show.

A dedicated conference will take place on Tuesday 26 September from 12:00 to 12:45 on the theme of “Sustainable Development at Slow Tourism: Towards a virtuous and human innovation “.

Frédéric LORIN, Tourism Director of Reed Expositions: «Working to make tourism sustainable is no longer an option but a necessity, and IFTM Top Resa, a leading B2B trade show, has to accompany professionals in this direction by following the evolutions and trends of the market. Our collaboration with ATD offers us the opportunity to partner with an actor whose approach in this future is recognized.”

Guillaume CROMER, President ATD & Director ID-Tourism: “For our members, getting involved in the leading B2B trade show in France is an obligation. We need to bring our knowledge of sustainable development issues to the table by relying on the innovative best practices of our members. This is the beginning of a very nice story between Reed Expositions & ATD to make IFTM Top Resa a reference in sustainable tourism ”

The actors of sustainable tourism present on this space to date are: France lab Slow Tourism; CDT Aube; Sup de la Rochelle; Solar hotel; CCI France; Widetrip; Tourism and Handicap and (ATD)

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