Exhibitor Advisory Board sets course for INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA 2022

Trade fair management, DWV and Exhibitor Advisory Board adopt new concept / In 2022 no technology exhibition at Rhine-Hesse Agricultural Days in Nieder-Olm

“In 2022 INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA intends to establish itself as one of the most important industry get-togethers in Europe. We are delighted that a consensus has been reached after extensive consultations and numerous meetings and that we have succeeded in acquiring important exhibitors again for the event”, states Ulrich Kromer von Baerle, President/CEO of Messe Stuttgart, summing up the outcome of the advisory board meeting on 17 October 2019 at the Hochschule Geisenheim University. The trade fair management together with the German Winegrowers’ Association (DWV) had invited to the meeting.

The Exhibitor Advisory Board is the most important committee for the exhibition part of INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA, whose counterpart is the Scientific Advisory Council of the International DWV Congress. Together both events form the largest and most important industry get-together of the winegrowing industry in Germany, which in future takes place again every three years in Stuttgart.

The newly developed concept of INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA came about from meetings with the organisers of the Rhine-Hesse Agricultural Days in Nieder-Olm, the regional winegrowing associations and other event organisers of the regional wine days – in particular the rural service centre of Rhineland-Palatinate (DLR RLP) – as well as from the exchange of information and ideas with the exhibitors and partners with the aim of being able to present a common and future-oriented concept to the market.

Close collaboration for INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA

INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA will be the only technology exhibition in Germany in spring 2022. A big step, which strengthens the German winegrowing industry and guarantees the change between regional requirements and an international exhibition in the three-year cycle.

DWV President Klaus Schneider is delighted: “With the present commitment of the Exhibitor Advisory Board for INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA we conclude a long and extensive planning and consultation phase. We managed to achieve close collaboration behind the combination of an international exhibition and scientific winegrowing congress. Furthermore, we reached an agreement with the organisers of the regional wine days to the extent that in the INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA year their involvement is bundled as “Regional Wine Day” in Stuttgart.” “In future the German wine business will also be able to occupy an important position within the European winegrowing countries. With INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA and the International DWV Congress we have the proper instruments to demonstrate our strength at both a European and international level,” adds Christian Schwörer, General Secretary of the German Winegrowers’ Association (DWV).

The event organisers of the Rhine-Hesse Agricultural Days in Nieder-Olm also agreed to the compromise. “The concept which plans a concentration or shift of the activities to Stuttgart every three years is based on a consensus of all stakeholders. From this we expect to strengthen the intensive, partner-like cooperation with the event organisers of INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA”, says Dirk Hagmaier, 1st Chairperson of the Verein Ehemaliger Rheinhessischer Fachschüler Oppenheim e.V. (VEO) (Society of Former Rhine-Hesse Students Oppenheim).

The rural service centres Rhine-Hesse-Nahe-Hunsrück, Rhein-Pfalz and Moselle support the concept of a “Regional Wine Day” in Stuttgart. The practical wine day complements the scientific DWV Congress.

Commitment to INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA by well-known exhibitors

The represented Exhibitor Advisory Board is firmly behind the new trade fair concept. The recently elected Chairperson of the INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA Exhibitor Advisory Board who has been confirmed in office is Dipl.-Ing. Rudolf Fischer, President of Scharfenberger GmbH & Co. KG in Bad Dürkheim. “As an advisory board it is important for us to send a clear signal in favour of INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA.

We are particularly pleased that we are once again able to welcome one or two colleagues in our circle, who were most recently no longer on board. The new trade fair concept with the return to spring and a three-year cycle were the main reasons for this. The final hurdle was overcome with the general agreement of the regional event organisers”, explains Fischer. The Exhibitor Advisory Board consists of representatives from companies from the four exhibition areas: cultivation and harvesting technology, processing and process control, filling and packaging technology, and organisation and marketing.

Sebastian Schmid, Department Director of Technology at Messe Stuttgart, adds: “We are proud to continue to realise INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA at the Stuttgart venue. The trade fair will be a highlight for all winegrowers every three years. It is important to reflect the market in its entirety. Not least because we are in close contact with many manufacturers and promote dialogue. The cornerstones of INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA are the new date, a transparent price module and in addition to the national market the focus on the relevant, international markets. All other topics such as the machine demonstration and accompanying programme items were and are further developed together with the exhibitors. Also the innovation award and the commitment to young talent are expanded in the new three-year cycle and have an even higher priority.”

All persons involved in the German winegrowing industry get together in Stuttgart from 6 to 8 February 2022. Apart from optimised site planning, exhibitors and visitors can expect an exciting accompanying programme comprising technology demonstrations, tastings, seminars and presentations. The interlinking of trade fair and congress was a key requirement of the new concept right from the start. Messe Stuttgart and the DWV are developing the new formats together with numerous partners and supporters.