R+T Innovation Award 2021 – Presented to the crème de la crème!

Dr. Claus Schwenzer (Vorsitzender BVT – Verband Tore), Sebastian Schmid (Abteilungsleiter Technologie, Messe Stuttgart), Sandra Musculus (Präsidentin ITRS - Industrieverband Technische Textilien – Rollladen – Sonnenschutz e.V.), Heinrich Abletshauser (Präsident Bundesverband Rollladen + Sonnenschutz e. V, Roland Bleinroth (Geschäftsführer und Sprecher der Geschäftsführung, Messe Stuttgart).

The R+T Innovation Award, which is awarded by the Federal Association for Manufacturers of Roller Shutters and Sun Protection (BVRS), the National Federation of Door and Gate Manufacturers (BVT), the Industrial Association for Technical Textiles, Roller Shutters and Sun Protection (ITRS), and Messe Stuttgart, honours innovative technical developments. It helps to attract the interest of experts in exemplary innovations from the industry that were launched on the market for the first time in 2019 or have been developed up to market maturity.

Thirty eight nominations from 10 countries emerged from around 100 entries that were admitted for prejudging. From these nominations, the R+T Innovation Awards have now been presented in 11 categories: Drive and control systems for roller shutters and sun protection systems; Drive and control systems for doors/gates; Building automation; Internal sun protection systems; Outdoor; Gathering blinds/Roman blinds; Roller shutters; Special solutions; Technical textiles; Textile sun protection systems and Doors/gates. The coveted Award was presented for the first time this year in Gold, Silver and Bronze. Special Awards were also presented in the areas of energy efficiency, sustainability and design. The products were judged by an independent jury comprising 18 members from industry associations, technical editors and experts. The jury was chaired by Dr. Christoph Meyer, Managing Director of Ingenieurbüro für Bauklimatik Hausladen + Meyer. The features of the submitted products were examined and evaluated right down to the last detail. In addition to the innovative quality and market potential of the developments, the relevant factors in the jury’s decision also included user-friendliness and product reliability.

 Category: Drive and control systems for roller shutters and sun protection systems

In the category of “Drive and control systems for roller shutters/sun protection systems” the company acomax GmbH won the Gold Innovation Award for the KLICK motorised fast assembly system for front-mounted/glare cap roller shutter systems . With this product the motorised roller shutter shaft is installed entirely without any screws or tools within just a few seconds. When in a disengaged swivelling state, the shaft is also safely stored against falling since the motor head need not be removed axially from the motor mount for this purpose.

The Silver Innovation Award was presented to elero Antriebstechnik GmbH for the RolMotion/RolMotion 868 tubular motor. RolMotion drives move roller shutters in an extremely quiet, durable and reliable way while protecting the curtain. Thanks to the optimised running performance, the drives have an almost noise-free low speed which can be activated by the user by pressing a button. Automatic commands are always executed in the whisper mode.

The Bronze Innovation Award went to Guangdong A-OK Technology Grand Development Co., Ltd for the electromagnetic self-locking zip screen system/AM45-ER-ZS. The drive for zip screens enables the front rail to be automatically locked when extended. This will ensure a high degree of wind stability. Locking is triggered via Bluetooth.

Category: Drive and control systems for doors/gates

The winner in the category “Drive and control systems for doors/gates” was the company FACE S.R.L.. The Gold Innovation Award was presented for the SLCOD – SUPERCAPACITOR EMERGENCY OPENING DEVICE. In this innovation a specially developed capacitor pack makes it unnecessary to otherwise regularly renew the battery packs required for emergency opening.

The Silver Innovation Award was presented to the company GfA ELEKTROMATEN GmbH & Co.KG for the ELEKTROMAT 4.0 . The system evaluates the operating states in proven industrial door drives with additional force, vibration and temperature sensors for measuring environmental conditions. The operator or maintenance service therefore obtains data relating to the detailed evaluation of the state of the drive and the door.

SOMMER Antriebs- und Funktechnik GmbH won the Bronze Innovation Award for the Telecody Courier. This solution enables parcels to be deposited in garages without complicated digital networking. The parcel deliverer presses one of the two keys and enters the stored parcel code. The Telecody sends a command to open the door up to a previously defined height and automatically closes the door again.

Category: Building automation

In the category “Building automation” the Gold Innovation Award was won by the company Reflexa-Werke Albrecht GmbH for the product RaffSun. The innovative solar slats enable electricity to be generated on all window surfaces. The 100% green electricity is generated sustainably. RaffSun is used for shading on windows and also generates direct current. It acts, so to speak, as a miniature power station on your own window.

The BOXCTRL tubular drive with an integrated DECT radio receiver from Becker-Antriebe GmbH won the Silver Innovation Award. The new drive generation is an innovative solution for automated roller shutter control and integration in building automation. Everything takes place here via a suitable DECT base station in a FRITZ!Box, which is already available in many households.

Bronze went to the KADECO MOTION motorisation program from KADECO Sonnenschutzsystem GmbH. Thanks to numerous functions, bidirectional connection and operating options such as app and voice control, MOTION is ideally adapted to the user. The internal sun protection system is therefore conveniently controlled across different products. Additional convenience is provided by intuitive tension operation in the product.

Category: Interior sun protection systems

The winner in the category “Interior sun protection systems” was KADECO Sonnenschutz GmbH. The Gold Innovation Award was presented for the Oslo interior Venetian blind. Made of designer felt, this interior Venetian blind combines something that is unique on the market, i.e. the traditional appearance of felt with the robustness of polyester fleece while simultaneously permitting the accustomed fine light regulation. Thanks to sound-absorbing properties, the specially produced material also improves the room acoustics.

The Silver Innovation Award was presented to the company Style Group Global International Trading for its Antiviraltex product. The fabric contains silver ion components for deactivating and immobilising viruses. Silver ions attract contrarily charged viruses and permanently bind to their sulphur groups. The virus – including the corona virus – is therefore immobilised and deactivated.

Category: Outdoor

Two products won the Gold Innovation Award in the category “Outdoor”. Corradi won Gold for the product IMAGO. The bioclimatic terrace roof enables separate outdoor areas to be created for a wide variety of uses. The roof structure is variable and optimum light irradiation is attained both through slats and the use of perspex components.

The Gold Innovation Award was also presented to markilux GmbH & Co. KG. for its product markilux pergola-stretch . With its dimensions of up to 7 x 7 metres, this awing system opens up entirely new scope when planning and designing sun and weather protection systems, and thus for outdoor living.

Category: Gathering blinds/Roman blinds

In the category “Gathering blinds” the company Reflexa-Werke Albrecht GmbH won Gold for the RF spacer. Thanks to this solution, the guide rail can be mounted on the spacer without using any tools. The distance between the guide rail and the fastening surface can also be adjusted without using any tools.

Silver in this category went to Storenmaterial AG for the ECCE head rail carrier. This product enables the head rail to be positioned in U-shaped carriers with counter bearings. The head rail is clamped in the carrier by turning the eccentric strap. No tools are required for fixing.

Storenmaterial AG was also delighted to win the Bronze Innovation Award. It was presented for VANTA++, a gathering blind without any textile lift tapes in the slats in which lift mechanisms are integrated in the lateral guide rails.

Category: Roller shutters

In the category “Roller shutters” the Gold Innovation Award was won by the SolarBox from the company Winsol. In this product a powerful battery ensures a long service life through solar energy and therefore guarantees a high degree of sustainability. Quick installation is possible without drilling.

 Category: Special solutions

In the category “Special solutions” the jury presented two Gold Innovation Awards and one Silver Innovation Award. Neher Systeme GmbH & Co.KG won Gold for the PL2 insect screening pleated blinds. The fabric holder ensures that 22-millimetre-thin insect screening pleated blinds function permanently over a width of 1300 millimetres. With smaller pleated blinds, easy installation is very impressive thanks to prestressed cords.

Gold was also awarded to WAREMA Renkhoff SE for the product sound-optimised box for top-mounted external Venetian blinds for new buildings . Sound insulation is fully integrated in the box and a standardised modular design is possible with different sound protection levels. The solution offers a higher sound insulation value than all boxes for top-mounted external Venetian blinds for new buildings and has the unique functional principle of double oscillators. Targeted improvement of the sound insulation values in rooms in need of protection is therefore possible.

Silver in this category was awarded to HELLA Sonnen- und Wetterschutztechnik GmbH for the product HELLA TRAV®Integral. In this solution the structurally optimised combination of a window, a window sill and sun protection is easily integrated in the wall construction. Thermal bridges, water ingress, cracks in the plaster and other construction faults are practically excluded.

Category: Technical textiles


In the category “Technical textiles” Neher Systeme GmbH & Co.KG won Gold for the impressive patented structure of its Transpatec fabric. Thanks to the dirt-repelling coating, an insect screening fabric can now be kept permanently clean. Light transmission and air permeability are also not permanently impaired.

Silver was awarded to modern basics blue® made of Tempotest® Starlight® blue from PARÀ Spa and weinor GmbH & Co. KG. This is the world’s first awning cloth collection made out of 85% recycled PET. It is also GRS-certified (Global Recycled Standard).

Julius Koch GmbH won the Bronze Innovation Award for Webtex (R) G2. The tear resistance of the lift tape is well above the market standard. Since the lift tape is not coated, no abrasion is produced.

 Category: Textile sun protection

The Gold Innovation Award was presented to three products in the category “Textile sun protection”. Gold went to heroal – Johann Henkenjohann GmbH & Co. KG for the heroal VS Z EM clamped zip screen. This product is suitable for all types and shapes of windows, and is therefore extremely wind-resistant. Installation without drilling takes place from inside a building.

NonVi welt from Jentschmann AG also won Gold. Since the welt is directly stitched to the fabric, there is no need for a fabric cover.  This ensures high water resistance over the entire width of the fabric since there is no seam perforation. Fitting new covers is also much easier.

The Solix external roller blind from MHZ Hachtel GmbH & Co. KG also won the Gold Innovation Award. It impresses with its easy installation without damaging a window or a façade. It can also be used later inside and without scaffolding.

Category: Doors/gates

In the category “Doors/gates” one Gold Innovation Award and two Silver Innovation Awards were presented. The company Meißner GmbH Toranlagen was delighted to receive the Gold Innovation Award for the GREONIK door curtain. It is the world’s first sustainably produced and reusable green door curtain made of recycled plastic with a variable use of forms. A large number of design options are available thanks to differently coloured basic elements and the interplay between variable element inserts and colour combinations.

GfA ELEKTROMATEN GmbH & Co.KG won Silver for its anti-deflection device for built-on ELEKTROMATEN. This is a universal GfA anti-deflection device through which the door shaft can be optimally aligned in any position thanks to a frictional cross-connection of both roller units. This leads to higher door speeds, better thermal insulation of the door and lower running noise and closing.

The alphamesh safety system/night closure system from proMesh GmbH also won the Silver Innovation Award in this category. Thanks to the stability and flexibility of the ring mesh, any forms can be realised with the product. It does not have any inconvenient guide rails on the floor and is locked by means of electromagnets. The complete system can be integrated in the ceiling construction and the position of the drive unit can be freely selected.

Special Awards

In addition to the Awards in the individual categories, the jury also presented Special Awards. For example, KADECO Sonnenschutz GmbH and Promesh GmbH won the Special Design Award for the Oslo interior Venetian blind and the alphamesh safety system/night closure system respectively. The Special Sustainability Award went to PARÀ Spa and weinor GmbH & Co. KG for modern basics blue® made of Tempotest® Starlight® blue . The RaffSun from Reflexa-Werke Albrecht GmbH was presented with the Special Energy Efficiency Award.

 Experience innovations

During R+T digital 2021 trade visitors can see for themselves the innovative capacity of the Award-winning products. On Tuesday (23.02.2021) the entire day programme will be devoted to all winners. All the Award-winning products will be presented in detail in the conference area from 09.00 to 16.00. Visitors can also find every winner in the “Innovations” theme hall. The winners of the R+T Innovation Award 2021 are looking forward to presenting their winning products in detail to trade visitors on their virtual exhibition stands. The R+T digital platform will be available online for another 365 days up until R+T 2022.