R+T 2021: Gathering blinds

Gathering blinds reliably create pleasant temperatures in buildings. (Copyright: Alukon)

Well-being and energy conservation

In summer, external sun protection systems are an effective way to keep heat outside since sun rays are reflected before they hit the surfaces of windows. Since gathering blinds also ensure optimum daylight control, glare can be avoided and the use of artificial light sources can be reduced substantially. Thanks to intelligent control units, the systems are highly effective and guarantee pleasant temperatures and energy savings automatically and in an optimal manner.

Slats are the key

There is still growing demand for gathering blinds – and certainly not only in buildings. “Gathering blinds do not simply darken, they control and dose daylight according to the needs of the user,” said Christian Schaller, Managing Director of Hella. They therefore increase comfort in a living room and create ideal general conditions for productivity in a work environment. The Austrian company, whose head office is in Abfaltersbach, produces the gathering blinds with different types of slats. “In this case it always depends on the requirements,” said Christian Schaller. “Our S, Z and C slats ensure perfect light – from pleasantly bright to almost entirely dark.”

Every type of slat provides reliable sun protection, privacy protection and heat protection. Precise packaging, perfect looping and a resulting minimum package height are made possible by the patented clip cam belt which interlinks the slats. The slats can be moved by a cord or a rail and can be driven by means of a crank handle or a motor. “When selecting the slats, their installation location is very important. We also offer, for example, extremely wind-stable slats in which a weighted bottom rail and an additional, spring-loaded wire cable wind protection device ensures maximum protection against wind strengths”, said Christian Schaller.

Product innovations for R+T 2021

Alukon will also present new innovations and further developments in the areas of roller shutters and sun and insect protection systems at R+T 2021. “During R+T 2018 we showed visitors, as one of our trade fair highlights, the Raff-E, a quick construction box for gathering blinds that has now become very well-established on the market,” reflected Klaus Braun, Managing Director of Alukon. Since last year, the company has also become a complete market supplier in this segment by starting to produce its own gathering blinds. The manufacturer therefore not only supplies the boxes, guide rails and screens from its own production and development department, but also the gathering blind slats. “The individual components of the Alukon gathering blind systems are therefore perfectly coordinated and our partners receive every product component from a single source and – as is customary with Alukon – in all production stages from an individual system component through to the finished element,” said Klaus Braun. The Managing Director of Alukon emphasises that visitors to R+T 2021 can also look forward to new product solutions and further developments: “We are pleased to be also taking part in R+T 2021 in Stuttgart in order to present the Alukon innovations to our partners and new contacts.”

Intelligently controlled

Gathering blinds become extremely efficient when they are controlled intelligently. “Only when they are fitted with the right control system can gathering blinds be moved so that they ideally match the position of the sun,” said Peter Winters, President of the European Solar Shading Organization ( ES-SO). “During R+T 2018 we examined, for example, precisely this topic in our workshop entitled ‘Smart Solar Shading”. I can confirm that there is still enormous interest in this topic.” Visitors will find a suitable solution for nearly every application at R+T 2021, the world’s leading trade fair for roller shutters, doors/gates and sun protection systems. For example, gathering blinds in combination with corresponding control solutions can also ensure optimum living comfort along with the highest possible energy balance of buildings.