Hannover Fairs México wins the UFI Marketing Award 2020

Photo Credit: UFI

UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, has named Hannover Fairs México the winner of the UFI Marketing Award 2020, for its project: ‘Multi-channel, Cross-generational marketing’.

Open to UFI members and non-members alike, the UFI Marketing Award rewards the best marketing initiatives undertaken by exhibition professionals. This year, the award honours event professionals in the exhibition industry who have successfully implemented multichannel marketing campaigns allowing them to communicate seamlessly with consumers across multiple touch points, both online and offline.

Hannover Fairs México entered into the competition with a multi-channel marketing strategy that kicked off an Industrial Transformation in Mexico. They managed to create a community to a tell a story of innovation and technology across as many as five generations by adjusting their strategies and marketing mixes according to the niche markets of these generations, focusing on communication preferences.

“It is an enormous privilege to have won first place in the 2020 UFI Marketing Award. It makes Deutsche Messe as a global company immensely proud and it also puts Mexico’s name on the map. The multichannel strategy we employed can be credited for the excellent debut of Industrial Transformation México and immediately positioned the fair as a leading event in its niche. From our very first edition,we managed to create a community, to tell the story of all the innovation and technology that is being developed in Mexico and became a catalyst for Industry 4.0 businesses in the country,” said Hannover Fairs México Communications and Marketing Director Itziar Gómez Jiménez.

“I want to thank again all the participants for their entries for the UFI Marketing Award 2020. The winning entry shows how marketers need to respond to the trend of cross-generational marketing and branding by adjusting their marketing mixes and strategies accordingly. The winner, ITM by Hannover Fairs México, demonstrated the skilful use of marketing activities that need to be addressed to as many as five generations when it comes to communication preferences. ITM shows how a successful multichannel, cross-generational marketing campaign had led to measurable marketing success. We congratulate Hannover Fairs México for their achievement!”, said Elena Chetyrkina, UFI Marketing Working Group Chair