Digital R+T in February 2021

Sebastian Schmid, Department Director Technology at Messe Stuttgart (Copyright: Messe Stuttgart)

“R+T digital” from 22 to 25 February 2021 / R+T Innovation Award is the core of the hybrid event concept With the first “R+T digital”, Messe Stuttgart will go new ways in spring 2021. R+T – the world’s leading trade fair for roller shutters, doors/gates and sun protection systems – is expanding its offer in virtual space and, in this connection, has conceived a hybrid event format. From 22 to 25 February 2021, the participants at R+T digital will have the opportunity to present their newly developed product innovations on an international platform and to benefit from a comprehensive transfer of knowledge within the sector. The format will be complemented by hybrid framework events, both streamed online on the platform of R+T digital, as well as held on location in Stuttgart. “With R+T digital, we want to provide our exhibitors and partners with digital access to our world visitor network, so that in this framework the product novelties developed for 2021 can be presented in detail. This is our overriding objective for R+T digital. For this reason, the presentation of the R+T Innovation Award is the focal point of the event concept,” says Sebastian Schmid, Department Director Technology at Messe Stuttgart. “Digital event formats will not and cannot replace live trade fairs. R+T is and will remain the highlight event of the roller shutters, doors/gates and sun protection systems sector. With R+T digital, we have developed a new format, complementary to the physical meeting at R+T 2022 in Stuttgart, and we would thus like to bring the sector together virtually already in 2021.” Platform based on three columns Everything different, or much already familiar? The concept of R+T remains unchanged: Exhibitors present to international trade fair visitors their product novelties and a transfer of knowledge takes place by means of a diverse presentation programme. In addition, the sector can exchange ideas and opinions, as well as network online. These are precisely the columns on which the platform at R+T digital is based: In the Expo Area, there will be the exhibitor showroom, subdivided into various product categories. In the respective theme halls, visitors will be able to obtain an overview of the diverse innovations and novelties in the sector at virtual trade fair stands, for example with information material available for downloading, detailed product videos, or with premium participation also with special workshops or live presentations. Furthermore, exhibitors can come into contact with the visitors via text or video chat. In addition, the platform will also include an Exhibitor Forum, where the exhibitors can arrange 15-minute web sessions in which visitors can obtain information on product novelties, as well as on the current world market situation. In the Conference Area, during the entire period of the event, specialist presentations relating to current main themes in the sector (gastronomy, innovations, craftsmanship, architecture) will be broadcast live, implemented for the most part as hybrid events. It will thus be possible for participants to experience the conference programme live from around the world – without necessarily having to be present on location. Also after the live event from 22 to 25 February 2021, the entire platform of R+T digital, including the exhibitors’ trade fair stands and the presentation programme, will be available for a whole year – up until R+T 2022.

Extensive accompanying programme for R+T digital For the four event days of R+T digital, a diverse programme of forums and workshops has already been arranged, focussing on each of the various trend themes and thus addressing specific different interest groups: On the first day (22.02.2021), the Conference Area, in accordance with the motto “R+T meets INTERGASTRA”, will revolve all around the theme of gastronomy. In an extensive podium discussion, renowned representatives from the gastronomy and hotel sector will provide an overview of the current themes and trends relating to outdoor products. Subsequently, various gastronomy reference projects, for example from the hoteI, restaurant, café, ice-cream parlour or beer garden sectors, will be presented to the public on location or as a livestream. The centrepiece of the digital event format is the R+T Innovation Award, which will take place on the same day as the gastronomy event. In the morning, the jury will make their final decision with no members of the public present. The winners of the Innovation Award will thus be determined. In the evening, during the exclusive sector evening, the Innovation Awards will be presented. For the first time with this award, several prize winners will be honoured for each category. Visitors to R+T digital will be able to follow the ceremony by livestream. On Tuesday (23.02.2021) – the day of Innovations – the prize winners of the R+T Innovation Award will be presented in detail. In brief but very informative web sessions, the Innovation Award winners will have the opportunity to present their product developments, and thus the reasons for their successful entries in the Innovation Award. Visitors to R+T digital will therefore be able to obtain a comprehensive overview of the product novelties and innovations in the sector. On the third event day (24.02.2021), the event organisers will dedicate themselves to craftsmanship. In various workshop programmes organised by participating associations, such as the Federal Association for Manufacturers of Roller Shutters and Sun Protection Systems (BVRS), the National Federation of Door and Gate Manufacturers (BVT), the Industrial Association for Technical Textiles, Roller Shutters and Sun Protection (ITRS) and other partners, the visitors will be able to brush up and expand their specialist knowledge in the areas of internal and external sun protection, doors/gates, as well as the smart home.

On the fourth and last day of R+T, in the Conference Area the visitors will be able to follow the State Congress for Architecture and Urban Planning, ARCHIKON 2021, both by livestream and on location. In addition, on each of the four event days there will be a 90-minute web session with current live presentations under the motto “Architecture Highlights”. The focus here will be on the products in the sector and the exchange of ideas and opinions among experts. Participants will be able to gain valuable further-training points. “With the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Architects and the Institute for Further Training in Construction (IFBau), we are delighted to have competent partners by our side who support us with their expertise and their networks,” says Sebastian Schmid. With this extensive programme, in February 2021 R+T digital will be the innovation and information platform for the roller shutters, doors/gates and sun protection systems sector. For the visitors, participation in R+T digital is free of charge.