Stable results for German exhibitions in 2019

Organisers plan slightly higher investment and employment in 2020

Dampened economic prospects in many countries, along with different responses to current exhibition concepts in individual sectors, have somewhat slowed the positive development of German exhibitions. But overall, the 163 international and national exhibitions in 2019 showed stable results when compared to their respective previous events. Exhibitor numbers rose by around 1%, and exhibitor stand space increased on average by half a per cent. These figures come from preliminary calculations by AUMA – the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry.

Of note is the continuing above-average interest from abroad despite protectionist tendencies and a greater number of international conflicts: German exhibitions registered around 3% more foreign exhibitors and visitors.

The total number of visitors decreased by just about 2%, due in large part to developments in the automotive sector. The previous year’s exhibitor and stand space figures had each risen by 2%, and visitor numbers were stable.

In the words of AUMA Chairman Philip Harting, “We can be satisfied with these results in light of the poorer framework conditions. Moreover, concepts of many exhibitions are currently being re-worked, which will make exhibitions more resistant to negative market influences.”

For 2020, AUMA anticipates overall stable results for the 185 planned international and national exhibitions.

Positive general mood for 2020

A survey by AUMA of exhibition organisers as part of the German Economic Institute’s survey of trade associations in December 2019 showed a positive general mood in the sector. Based on this, the current mood in the exhibition industry is seen as similar to that of a year ago. Sales are expected to remain stable in 2020, while investment and employment should show slight increases.